99 Red Ballons
 Sunday September 12th, 2004

"Rededication Ceremony of the German Cultural Garden"

In the early 1900s, Cleveland played a prominent role in the Industrial Revolution. Thousands of immigrants came to the city seeking new opportunity, employment, and a new life in America. The influx quickly turned Cleveland into a cultural melting pot. Over time, however, differences in customs and beliefs became a source of tension among communities. Instead of countering these cultural differences, Cleveland's leaders embraced them with ICEAlity. One result was the creation of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. The German Community continues to celebrate Cleveland's cultural diversity with the recent additions and rededication of the German Cultural Gardens.

The German Cultural Garden was rededicated on Sunday, September 12th, 2004. A new focal point of the garden is a granite sculpture bench in remembrance of Johanna Roth (1923 - 2004) crafted by Milano Monuments, GABA member. All groups from the Stadtverband and other nationalities joined in the day long celebration making the event one of the most successful programs in the modern history of the Gardens. 

GABA, through its members, provides volunteers and funding to the German Cultural Gardens with a focus on physical improvements, events programming, horticulture, and maintenance. This plan delivers maximum impact for the garden's overall development activities, garden usage, and the potential of the garden's to stimulate development in adjoining neighborhoods.

The German Cultural Garden is a constant reminder of our city's distinct diversity. As we inspire and assist other nationalities to constructed and dedicated their own gardens, it is important way to celebrate our own rich heritage and spread cultural and sustainable awareness peacefully throughout the community.



L to R:
American Cultural Ambassadors  David and Renate Jakupca,   Stadtverband President Stefan Pigler


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